Meet the woman who quit her job to travel the world and drink gin

By Anna Brech

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, Johdi Dinsdale worked as a teacher.

But last year, she quit her seven-year stint in education to travel the world and drink gin.

Johdi beat 5,000 other hopefuls to land the coveted role of “gintern” for West London-based gin and tonic club,

johdi gintern gin

Her part-time position pays £20,000 a year and involves travelling around the UK and Europe to sample gin at different distilleries.

While she’s quick to admit it’s “the best job in the world”, Johdi landed her enviable vocation almost by fluke.

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She was scrolling through Facebook last year when she spotted the vacancy, in a story that was widely shared across the internet.

“After one or two gins, I applied,” Johdi tells Business Insider, in a new interview this week.

A rigorous interview process followed.

Johdi – who was blogging about gin at the time as a side project to her day job – was required to submit a gin review and video entry. She then created a “signature serve” that she pitched to’s brand ambassador.

The amateur gin enthusiast soared to victory with her ingenious twist on a breakfast martini made using homemade grapefruit curd.

She describes her win as “the best thing ever”, adding “I was literally shaking from head to toe”.

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Still, many of her loved ones were alarmed when she decided to trade her teaching job for the part-time gin gig.

“A lot of people questioned why I would leave a ‘secure’ job working in education to go and work part-time as a ‘gintern,'” she says, noting that she shared their concern to begin with.

But she quickly came to realise it was the right move.



Johdi now spends her days working remotely and travelling to try out the latest and greatest gin companies across Europe.

In doing so, she’s met plenty of entrepreneurs involved in the gin business who have also quit their day jobs to pursue a passion for the liquor.

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And, as the public’s appetite for craft varieties continues to grow at a staggering rate, it seems there’s plenty of scope for expansion with this drink du jour.

Fancy quitting your job? Gin seems to offer a lucrative way forward… Bottom’s up!

Images: Shutterstock, @the_gintern


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