Asia Group Tours for Solo Travellers

Travel solo as part of a group tour to countries in Asia


From Southeast Asia’s tropical islands to the arid desert sands of Jordan the extreme west, a group solo trip to Asia offers the sort of diversity that’ll see you returning, time and time again.

Navigate Old Delhi’s local markets or trek surrounded by spectacular scenery and volcanoes in Bali. Maybe you want to experience the beauty of the Dead Sea in Jordan, where you can float on the saline-rich water, staring at the sun. Or why not dial up the chill factor, by staying on your own private island in the Philippines? Yes, even this is possible with group solo travel.

Elsewhere, support baby turtles as they return to the Sri Lankan ocean. Camp like a Bedouin among the dunes of Jordan’s Wadi Rum. Discover new flavours and local dishes on a street-food safari in Vietnam. And finally, slow down, take yoga classes and tick off temples in Laos’ laid-back Luang Prabang.

Got a particular region in mind? Take your pick from Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Asia facts

Fragrant food, peaceful landscapes private islands, here are a few things you should know about a group solo trip to Asia


Asia’s population is currently around 4.7 billion and still growing, covering a wide variety of countries from Turkey to Thailand. The most populous country is China, with nearly 1.4 billion people, and the least populated are the Maldives and Bhutan.


The cultures of Asia read like a roll call of heavyweights. India: the cradle of the world’s oldest religion. The Middle East: the birthplace of agriculture, mathematics and writing. China, which gave the world printing and paper. All cultures that flourished along the old Silk Road.


Sushi and dim sum; pho soup and pad thai; laksa and masala. From Japan to India (and everywhere in between), the cuisines of Asia are known and loved the world over. Of course, nothing quite compares to tasting it at the source.


A mosaic of forests, grasslands, and extraordinary wetlands – Asia has it all. For mountains, you can do no better than the almighty Himalayas. For quiet rural peace, Japan is your choice. For tropical islands with white-sand beaches, Thailand and the Philippines might just top your list.


You’ll find tigers and elephants living across eastern Asia, from India to Indonesia. Asiatic lions, tigers and snow leopards are rare and secretive – but possible. Safaris skip over from Africa, with a more fast-paced take offered in the national parks of Sri Lanka and India. Don’t miss the Japanese macaque, bathing in frosty natural onsen (hot springs).


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