From gilded stupas in the Himalayan highlands to the tropical cloud forest of Mount Batur, Asia brims with the promise of unsung treasures. Come join us as we hang out with the orangutans of Borneo and help rescued baby turtles into the Sri Lankan ocean. Be swept away by the rousing power of nature as you hike by twilight through Malaysia’s Belum Rainforest and camp like a Bedouin in the ancient dunes of Jordan’s Wadi Rum. Tickle your taste buds with a street food safari in non-tourist Hong Kong and discover why Luang Prabang’s BBQs are among the best in the world.

Whether you’re wild swimming in the turquoise wadis of Oman, flexing your warrior skills at a Kyoto ninja school or glamping out on the powdery white sands of your own Philippines island, this is a chance to down tools and unleash your adventurist within. Champagne breakfast in the shadow of Everest? Tick. Kayaking the Keralan backwaters? We’ve got that. Sunrise yoga on Halong Bay? Coming right up. Fire up your senses and dive headfirst into escapism in this land of a thousand delights.

Our Asia Trips

Waterfalls & mountains in Sri Lanka
Experience rugged adventure in Sri Lanka
  • Waterfalls & cloud forests 10 days
  • Adventure rating
Tropical beauty & paradise sands in Thailand
  • Discover tropical Thailand 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Pink sand beach, Flores Indonesia
Jurassic beauty & dragon encounters in Indonesia
  • Here be dragons 8 days
  • Adventure rating
Discover the heart of Southeast Asia
  • Journey into Asia 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Langkawi Malaysia
Savour the delights of Malaysia
  • Beaches and rainforest 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Nepal adventure with Flash Pack
Hike the Everest trail in Nepal
  • One mighty trek 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Kiyomizu-dera Templ_kyoto
A sensory journey to Japan
  • Land of marvels 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Awaken your senses in northern India
  • Find wild tigers 10 days
  • Adventure rating
Get your chill on in Kerala
  • Unwind in style 8 days
  • Adventure rating
Vietnam Halong Bay
Discover the secrets of Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Kayak Halong Bay 14 days
  • Adventure rating
The ultimate Vietnam voyage
  • An express escape 8 days
  • Adventure rating
Sailing down the Mekong
Get off-grid in Thailand and Laos
  • Boat the Mekong 11 days
  • Adventure rating

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