Australasia group tours for solo travellers

Discover our tours across Australasia and journey to a destination of crystal waters, indigenous wildlife and Jurassic landscapes

Why Travel Solo To Australasia?

As far south as many people will ever go, Australasia boasts precious ecosystems and totally unique experiences.

From the wonders of the endangered Great Barrier Reef – a highlight for anyone that travels to Australia – to the untouched beauty of New Zealand’s Southern Alps; the wonders of the natural world lives at the heart of any Australasian experience. We’re talking surfing, scuba diving and swimming with dolphins, speedboat tours to subtropical islands, 4×4 adventures, wine tasting and more.

Check in regularly for new adventures; but for now, sate your intrigue with these signature trips along Australia East Coast and a grand tour of New Zealand.


Solo travel destinations in Australasia

Australasia facts

From cuisine to wildlife, here are a few things you should know about Australasia


The current population of Australasia is around 42.3 million, spanning Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding islands. Australia is the most populous country with 25 million people, yet many of the surrounding Pacific islands are very sparsely populated.


Australasia has a melting pot of cultures, due to waves of immigration since the 19th century; yet the cultures of the Aboriginal and Maori people have existed here for millenia, enduring through colonialism to the present day.


The most iconic dish of Papua New Guinea is mumu: pork and vegetables roasted in a ground oven. In New Zealand, Maori cuisine is enjoying a reinvention, with contemporary chefs pairing indigenous recipes with the fine dining experience.


One word: diverse. Australia is home to the vast arid Outback, Papua New Guinea is a tropical volcanic archipelago, and New Zealand offers a landscape of fjords, snow-capped mountains and deep forests.


Kangaroos, wombats and koala bears have become emblems of Australia; and the region’s shores are frequented by sea lions, whales, dolphins and sharks. Its diverse wildlife reflects the continent’s vast range of landscapes.


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