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Slovenia Group Tours for Solo Travellers

Travel solo as part of a group tour to Slovenia

Why travel solo to Slovenia?

From glacial lakes to Alpine peaks, Slovenia is a bit of a show off when it comes to natural beauty – and she also claims bragging rights over one of the greenest capitals on earth.

Ljubljana, with its leafy green spaces and car-free city centre, is the face of the future, where influences from neighbouring Italy and Hungary make themselves apparent in a capital that still feels proudly Slovenian.

But it’s in the wild that Slovenia gets really spectacular as the Julian Alps rise up in the north, a small stretch of Adriatic beckons along the coast and its most celebrated sight, Lake Bled, lays on sun-soaked SUP safaris and the chance to circle around a storybook 16th-century castle.

After an active, escape, but short on time? A solo group adventure in Slovenia has you covered.

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From the moment you arrive in Ljubljana, you’ll have your head turned by its architecture, food and people. Whether you’re strolling through the picturesque old town or taking in the views from the castle, it’s all too easy to fall in love with this compact capital.


Covering an area of more than 800 square kilometres in size, Triglav National Park is home to the towering Mount Triglav as well as numerous hiking trails and climbing spots.Nature lovers, take note: there are peaks and pristine valleys to tick off here, as well as brown bear, lynx, chamois and other wildlife.


In the pindrop-quiet Julian Alps, Lake Bled is every bit as serene as you imagine. Whether you’re hiking the lake shore or heading out to lake-enfolded Bled island, right in the middle, the water here will leave you mesmerised.

Lake Bohinj

Bigger and wilder than its better-known sister, Slovenia’s largest lake lays on hiking trails around its shoreline and waterborne adventures on its glassine surface. Glide across by boat or cut loose with kayaking before collapsing in quiet coves.

Trips to Slovenia

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9 Days in Europe

Adriatic Adventure: Slovenia & Croatia

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Slovenia Facts

What Are The National Languages?


What is the currency?



Central European Summer Time is GMT +2

Top Three Experiences

1. Canyoning through the Bohinj Valley
2. Hiking the dramatic Vintgar Gorge
3. Glamping overlooking Lake Bled

Top five dishes to try

1. Potica – a rolled-dough Slovenian cake
2. Bujta repa – a stew and Slovenia’s national dish
3. Carniolan sausage – lightly smoked pork sausage
4. Idrijski žlikrofi – stuffed dumplings from Idrija
5. Prekmurska gibanica – Prekmurian layer cake

30 °c

Average temp in high season

What's The Weather Like?

Slovenia has an average summer temperature of 86ºF (30ºC) and an average winter temperature of 32ºF (0ºC). The best time to visit Slovenia depends on the type of holiday you are looking for. The Alpine northwest sees snow from December to March and is a perfect time for a skiing break, while May to September is warmer and ideal for hiking and outdoor activities.

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