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Solo travel doesn’t have to mean travelling alone. With Flash Pack, you can join up with like-minded adventurers to combine the freedom of a solo holiday with the companionship of a group tour.


What is solo travel?

Solo travel is the act of embarking on an adventure by yourself, but there are many different ways to do it, from group tours to staying in hostels. If you’ve ever contemplated leaving your friends at home and venturing into the world by yourself, on your own terms, you’re not alone.

Here at Flash Pack, our aim is to bring together like-minded solo travellers in their 30s and 40s for adventurous trips full of ‘can’t-do-by-yourself’ experiences, with a touch of luxury. We believe that building connections and building friendships is just as important as the location you are visiting, which is why we work tirelessly on perfecting the group dynamic, making sure you feel like you’re travelling with friends within the first 24 hours.

We’ve got years of experience building trips that cater to the needs of discerning 30-49 year olds, and local guides on the ground to help us ensure they’re immersive and authentic.

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Why travel solo?

So why do people choose to travel solo? From the promise of independence and being able to set the terms of your adventure, to learning new skills and meeting new people, there are numerous reasons why you might choose to go solo.

And solo travel doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. Group tours, such as ours, specialise in bringing solo travellers together for a shared adventure. What’s different about our offering, though, is that we match you with like-minded solos of a similar age, meaning that the odds are in your favour to make fast friends.

Our most popular group trips for solo travellers

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12 Days in Asia

Bali & The Gilis: Island Adventures

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8 Days in Asia

Untold Jordan

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12 Days in Sri Lanka

Inside Sri Lanka

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12 Days in Asia

Escapism in the Philippines

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Group adventure trips for solo travellers by region

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Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for in an adventure, and if that is the case – you’ve landed in the right place.

Solo Holiday Types

The benefits of solo travel

A local guide

If you’re travelling solo without the benefit of a local guide, there’s a high chance you’ll miss the real under-the-skin moments, instead being lured into tourist traps. It doesn’t have to be this way. With Flash Pack’s solo group adventure tours, an expert local guide will know all of the hidden gems. They can provide tips for your free time to explore, as well as introduce you to locals.

Friendships waiting to be made

While you may be travelling solo, our trips make sure you are never alone. Our trips are designed to bring together like-minded individuals who then go on to form meaningful friendships that continue well beyond the conclusion of the trip.


Planning your own trip from scratch can be a nightmare. Save yourself the pain of scanning through hundreds of reviews and pages of travel guides with a Flash Pack solo trip. We are the experts in putting together the best itineraries to make sure you enjoy every second, without the hassle of having to do any of the planning yourself. Just show up at the airport with your bags and we’ll handle everything else!


Many people who are thinking of travelling solo are concerned about safety. With a Flash Pack trip, you can rely on our local expert guides to keep you safe. They know where to avoid, how to haggle at markets, avoid pickpockets and scammers, and relax and have a good time without anything going wrong. What’s more, you’re not travelling alone, but in a group. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of solo travel, without the risks.

Advice for first-time solo travellers

Single supplement

As a solo traveller, you’ll likely need to pay a single supplement in many hotels. If you travel with a group tour like ours, we’ll take care of the single supplement for you by matching you with a roommate.

Do your research

Contrary to popular opinion, most places in the world are relatively safe for solo travellers. Common scams can be avoided by doing a little bit of research on your destination ahead of time.

Use common sense

Keep your valuables out of sight while travelling, and don’t wear flashy jewellery or expensive items. Unfamiliar with your surroundings? Avoid walking alone or getting drunk by yourself at night.

Cultural respect

Dress appropriately for the culture of each destination. Avoid school or orphanage visits that perpetuate unethical tourist industries, and ask permission before photographing people.

Ready for your solo travel adventure?

All our adventures are perfect for solo travellers who want a trip that ticks both the adventure and luxury boxes. Join a group of like-minded people, led by expert local guides. Which stunning country will you decide to visit next?

Not sure what you’re after? Chat to our Travel Advisors for some personalised advice.

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Common fears about solo travel

“I’ll be really lonely”

A common anxiety, but one that’s easily resolved by a shift in mindset. You don’t need to pressure yourself into striking up a conversation with everyone, but try to be open and approachable, and take an interest in your fellow travellers. People love to talk about themselves, so sometimes a simple “where have you been so far?” can lead to some fascinating conversations.

Our Flashpackers have travelled all over the world, experiencing different cultures, activities, food and lifestyles. They have some great stories to share from their once-in-a-lifetime experience of group solo travel.

“I’ll get bored on my own.”

It’s enough to strike fear into the heart of any busy full-time professional, but trust us – solo travel gives you the space and freedom to spend your time productively. There are plenty of books to be read, new friends to make, cities to be explored. It’s a question of mindset: once you make the shift from being overloaded with deadlines to savouring the quiet moments, you’ll find the solo lifestyle incredibly refreshing.

“What if I don’t get along with the people I meet?”

Don’t expect to become firm friends with every single person you meet. But, remember that many solo travellers share common interests and are all looking to embrace new experiences and make friends. More often than not, you’re likely to have something in common with the people you meet, granted you keep an open mind and take an interest in others.

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