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Indonesia Group Tours for Solo Travellers

Travel solo as part of a group tour to Indonesia

Why travel solo to indonesia?

An archipelago of thousands of islands, but which one will you choose?

Pink-sand beaches, prehistoric wildlife, colour-changing volcanic lakes – travel to Indonesia for a group solo trip and you’ll come face to face with nature on a staggering scale.

Bali is possibly the most famous of all Indonesia’s islands, with its surf-ready beaches, age-old yoga scene and incense-swirled temples. And all just a short boat hop away from the Gili Islands, where you’ll be living the tropical dream in no time.

But there’s adventure waiting to be uncovered, too… Hike the volcanic dome of Mount Batur at sunrise or surf Bali’s lesser-visited West Coast with a Rip Curl legend to see there’s more to these islands than Bounty-ad beaches.

Wherever you turn in Indonesia, you’ll be greeted by nature’s greatest wonders.

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Top places to visit in Indonesia


Solo travellers are warmly welcomed in Indonesia’s most popular island. Affordable boutique hotels, a burgeoning surf and yoga scene, great food and fast Wifi make it a popular choice for digital nomads and anyone travelling alone. But group tours with Flash Pack get you away from the crowded south coast – into the volcanic interior, the wild west, the surrounding islands and beyond.


This beautiful island may have less in the way of facilities than neighbouring Bali, but this wild ruggedness is all part of the island’s appeal. After all, the city of Labuan Bajo and the surrounding islets act as the main gateway to Komodo National Park – where there be dragons (plus manta rays, turtles and more). Excellent dive spots are what it’s all about in Flores – with sandy beaches that are perfect for unwinding solo or with a group.


Here you’ll find Indonesia’s best museums, a host of high-end restaurants and street-food stalls, and a late-night scene that will let you party on into the night. Busy it might be, but you can still find moments of calm, by taking a stroll down the grand boulevard of Jl Thamrin when it’s closed to vehicles on Sunday mornings.

Raja Ampat

This Indonesian archipelago is comprised of hundreds of jungle-covered islands off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula – best explored by boat. Few people inhabit this lush landscape, making its hidden lagoons, eerie caves and white-sand beaches all the more appealing to explore. Its diverse marine life is a diver’s dream and there’s just as much wildlife on land, too.

Trips to Indonesia

Indonesia facts

What's the national language?


What’s the currency?

Indonesian rupiah


There are three time zones in Indonesia: Sumatra, Java and West & Central Kalimantan are GMT+7. Bali, Nusa Tenggara, South & East Kalimantan and Sulawesi are GMT+8. Irian Jaya and Maluku are GMT+9.

Top three activities

1. Explore Bali’s surf and yoga scene
2. Snorkel alongside manta rays
3. Hike volcanoes at sunrise

Top five dishes to try

1. Nasi goreng – Indonesian fried rice
2. Nasi campur – white rice with side dishes
3. Chicken satay – chicken skewers in peanut sauce
4. Urap – steamed vegetables and grated coconut
5. Gado gado – tofu salad bowl

31 °c

Average temp in high season

What's the weather like in Indonesia?

Indonesia is dry and hot during its high season, with temperatures averaging 31ºC (88ºF), while winter temperatures average 26ºC (79ºF) and can bring an incredible amount of wet weather.

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