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I spent my childhood exploring the US, spending family vacations seeing different landmarks and learning about American history. It sparked something in me and I was determined to get out and see the rest of the world once I graduated from high school. Japan is next on my list, and that’s why I always encourage Flashpackers to book Japan: Another World. It’s a best-seller for so many reasons. You get to sleep overnight in a historic Buddhist temple, meet a real sumo and eat the best Japanese food. I mean, wow.

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Growing up, my family always prioritised making memories together in incredible places, and it’s a mindset I’ve taken with me into adulthood as I explore the world. I lived in Belize in 2021 whilst getting my SCUBA certification, so the country really has my heart, although Costa Rica comes in at a close second. As for my favourite Flash Pack adventure, it has to be Bucket List South Africa. Searching for octopi in kelp forests, a wildlife safari, luxury camping in Kruger…it’s what (my) dreams are made of.

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My mum is from New Zealand and we would often visit, stopping off in different parts of Asia on the flight over, thus cementing my love for travel early on. Bali is one of my favourite places in the world, but Flash Pack’s Wild Tanzania adventure would knock it off the top spot, I’m sure. Waking up in a converted Land Rover overlooking the Serengeti? Yes please. There are so many opportunities to see amazing wildlife on that adventure too, whether it’s the Big 5 in the Serengeti, or marine life in Zanzibar.

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My passion for travel is down to my parents, who ensured my childhood was filled with exploring exotic new countries. I have a real soft spot for Sri Lanka and Morocco, but of all the Flash Pack adventures, Escapism in the Philippines has to be my favourite. I’m a marine biologist so any adventure where I get to spend lots of time in the water is perfect for me. And who wouldn’t want to stay on a private island?

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I was an au pair in the US for two years and that was it: I had the travel bug. From that point on I wanted to see as much of the world as possible, with San Diego, Vancouver and London coming in as my favourite places. For anyone unsure of which Flash Pack adventure to choose, I’d recommend True Egypt. You’ll sail the Nile on a private felucca and get to experience the wonders of the pyramids with a really knowledgeable guide. Real bucket-list experiences.

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I have my mum to thank for my obsession with travel. She always made a point of taking us off the beaten tourist track whenever we went on adventures growing up. There are so many rich cultures and beautiful places out there I find it impossible to choose a favourite, but I love helping people explore Bali, Thailand and Vietnam. Flash Pack’s Wild Tanzania adventure is very high on my bucket list, too.

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I’ve always had a deep desire to understand new cultures and ways of living, and having lived in both Nigeria and the UK I’ve enjoyed experiencing these contrasting lifestyles. Morocco is one of my favourite spots in the world. The architecture, the food and the beautiful YSL gardens blew me away. And if you’re wondering which Flash Pack adventure to choose, I’d say Spiritual Bali every time. The waterfalls, floating temple and idyllic Gili Islands won’t disappoint.

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