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Rwanda Group Tours for Solo Travellers

Why Travel Solo To Rwanda?

Rwanda is a nature-lovers’ dream, and its biggest draw in undoubtedly its wildlife inhabitants (and for good reason), but there’s lots more to get excited about…

From the beauty of Lake Kivu to the once-in-a-lifetime primate encounters this destination promises; Rwanda has so many secrets to unearth.

Witness the beauty of the Virunga volcanoes, visit small villages with mighty coffee production techniques and search for hidden waterfalls in the Nyungwe Forest. Paddle to uninhabited islands, keeping an eye out for exotic birdlife, absorb the urban energy of Kigali and, of course, walk with endangered gorillas and rare golden monkeys.

Still relatively untouched by tourism, if ever there was a good time to travel to Rwanda, it’s now.

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Top places to visit in Rwanda


Known as the ‘Singapore of Africa’, the attractive capital is spread over hills and valleys in the country’s geographical centre. Stay here to soak up the thriving art scene, experience the vibrant nightlife and pay a visit to the poignant Genocide Museum Memorial.

Lake Kivu

Surrounded by magnificent mountains and lined with beautiful sandy beaches, this is the only great lake in Africa where there are no hippos or crocs, making it ideal for kayaking, fishing and exploring the many islands. It’s ideal for a cooling dip too.

Nyungwe Forest

A hugely biodiverse area of equatorial rainforest. Hiking through the lush green valleys reveals close encounters with primates such as black-and-white colobus monkeys and chimpanzees, as well as colourful orchids and birds. Don’t miss the canopy walkway and Ndambarare waterfall.

Volcanoes National Park

The forested volcanoes straddling the border of DRC and Uganda form one of the most magical parks in Africa. Come here for the chance to track endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, as well as troops of rare golden monkeys.

Trips to Rwanda

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9 Days in Rwanda

Rwanda: Gorilla Trekking & Volcanoes

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Rwanda Facts

What Are The National Languages?

French, Kinyarwanda, English, Swahili

What is the currency?

Rwandan Franc


Rwanda is on Central Africa Time (GMT +2)

Top Three Experiences

1. Track gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park
2. Kayak on Lake Kivu
3. Spend a day with artisans in a local village

Top five dishes to try

1. Brochettes – barbecued goat skewers with spicy tomato sauce
2. Mandazi – African donuts
3. Ugali – maize porridge
4. Dagaa – roasted lake sardines
5. Isombe – pounded cassava leaves with peanuts, pepper and onions

27 °c

Average temp in high season

What's The Weather Like?

Rwanda has a tropical highland climate with an average summer temperature of 27ºC (80ºF) and an average winter temperature of 16ºC (61ºF).

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