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Flash Pack specialises in crafting unparalleled travel experiences for solo travellers in their 30s and 40s. We create off-the-beaten-path itineraries for a unique blend of exploration and personal growth, designed to ignite meaningful connections among group members. With us, travel is not just about seeing new places – it’s about the transformative power of experiencing the world together.

We are people-first, travel-second. We believe in fighting loneliness through group travel and facilitating a sense of community and camaraderie in every journey. Our innovative approach to group dynamics and chemistry ensures that every adventure brings people together, alleviating decision fatigue and promoting shared experiences.

What makes us different?

We differentiate ourselves from other group travel companies through our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality


We cater exclusively to solo travellers in their 30s and 40s, ensuring like-minded travellers share their experiences. What’s more, we carefully match roommates based on a specific questionnaire, with options for solo accommodation.


Our hard-to-replicate activities are often exclusive to Flash Pack, offering true uniqueness in the market. Think dining with a Masterchef winner in the Galapagos and staying on your own private aurora island in Finland.


From our best-in-the-business Pack Leader guides to the boutique stays we source (no hostels – only high-quality hotels for our adventurers) – our focus on quality sets us miles apart from our competitors.


All activities and most meals are included in the cost of the adventure – so there’ll be no hidden surprises for your clients.


We value our partnership with travel agents and we offer an attractive 12% commission rate. More than that, we’re committed to creating a fruitful and lasting relationship. As part of our scheme, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Flash Pack travel consultant, providing you with a personal point of contact and ongoing support.

Plus, with a TrustPilot score of 4.8 and an NPS score of over 70, Flash Pack has earned a reputation for excellence. These scores reflect our commitment to our clients and our exceptional travel experiences. By partnering with us, you can assure your clients they will be well taken care of.

Ready to join Flash Pack?

Embrace the unique benefits of our partner agent scheme and give your clients an adventure to remember. Sign up here today or book a call to learn more. Once you’ve registered you can always use this form to register your clients bookings.


How does Flash Pack differentiate itself from other group tour travel companies?

Flash Pack sets itself apart by meticulously crafting group adventures aimed exclusively at solo travellers aged 30-50. Our focus isn’t just on facilitating travel; it’s about creating immersive experiences that transform the way you perceive the world. We pride ourselves on maintaining small, intimate group sizes to foster deeper connections while striking a balance between discovery and leisure.

At our core, we are a people first, travel second tour group company. We offer a unique blend of exciting, lesser-explored destinations coupled with activities that not only enrich your customer’s adventure but also foster meaningful connections with fellow travellers.

Essentially, we’ve become the antidote for those overwhelmed with travel decisions and choices. Flash Pack is your respite from decision fatigue.

How can I become a partner with Flash Pack?

To become a partner all you need to do is fill in this form here and answer a couple of questions. Once you’ve filled in the form we will review the application and approve it within two working days. If you would like to book a call with our travel agents account manager please use this link here.

What is your commission structure?

We pay a 12% commission on the cost of the adventure excluding extra hotel nights or single supplements. The commission is paid on the 28th of the month of the customer’s trip departure. Travel agents are also eligible to win a £3,000 credit voucher if they sell 30 trips in one year.

How does the booking process work for travel agents?

Once you are a registered agent you can book on behalf of your client directly via the website or ask your client to book directly. Once the booking is complete you will need to fill in this form to ensure that the booking will be counted as an agent booking and for the commission to be paid.

What kind of support does Flash Pack provide to travel agents?

Ensuring that your clients have a great experience is our number one priority, as seen through our 70+ NPS score and 4.8 on trust pilot. You will be able to form a relationship with a Flash pack travel consultant and speak with them all the time that you have a client query. (No call centre-like service). What’s more, you’ll receive early updates on new product launches and travel agent promotions via our monthly Travel Agent newsletter.

Can I customise or tailor trips for my clients?

No, we have set itineraries. However, we do allow some level of flexibility for group bookings of eight or more.

Is Flash Pack only for solo travellers?

Flash Pack’s focus is on solo travellers in their 30s and 40s. However, we do allow a maximum of four people who know each other to travel together on a departure. This means that if you have a couple or a small group of friends who would like to travel together, we are the go-to option. If you have a group that is eight or more, we can look at organising a private group departure.

My client is younger than 30 or older than 50. Can they still travel with Flash Pack?

We are happy to make exceptions for people that are as young as 29 and as old as 52. We are also looking into opening a 50s category soon.

How does Flash Pack handle customer service and support during trips?

You can always contact our customer experience team, which is available 24/7 Monday through Friday. Additionally, we have an emergency support number available over the weekend. During the trip, your clients’ needs will be attended to by our local partners, and we are always available to handle any issues that our team needs to escalate.

What are your cancellation terms?

Travel agent bookings must adhere to the same terms and conditions as direct bookings.

The commission will still be paid to agents if clients cancel within 60 days or less of the departure date, provided that the client has paid the full amount for their trip. However, if a client cancels more than 60 days before the trip’s departure, travel agents are not eligible for commission.

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