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Ecuador group tours for solo travellers

Travel solo as part of a group tour to Ecuador

Why travel solo to Ecuador?

From snowcapped mountains to Amazon Rivers, there are few other countries that could lay claim to such an impressive array of landscapes.

Nestled between Peru and Colombia, Ecuador is small enough for you to have breakfast with sloths in the Amazon, lunch in the lee of the Andes and spot giant tortoises after dinner. With so many different microclimates, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. 

The exotic wildlife of the Galápagos Islands will keep you enthralled, whether it’s watching an albatross take flight, swimming with reef sharks and marine iguanas, or admiring the mating dance of the magnificent frigatebird.  

Yet the cities, too, are beautiful. The well-preserved capital, Quito, recalls Ecuador’s Spanish heritage, with its World Heritage treasure trove of colonial art and architecture. While just a few miles north, you can straddle the equator line with one foot in each hemisphere. 

Don’t fancy going it alone? Our nine-day solo group Galápagos trip is full of can’t-do-by-yourself adventures in Quito and the islands.  

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Top places to visit in Ecuador


Ecuador’s capital city is built on the foundations of an ancient Incan city. Its well-preserved colonial center is rich with 16th and 17th-century buildings that blend together European, Moorish and indigenous influences. Head into Old Town to feast on traditional Ecuadorian food.


Guayaquil is the second largest city in Ecuador and the country’s main port. This sprawling city has a growing arts scene and lively nightlife. Take a trip to the riverfront town square to really experience the heart of this expanding city.

Galápagos Islands

Witness one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth on this remote archipelago, 600 miles off the Ecuadorian coast. The extraordinary collection of volcanic islands has to be seen to be believed. Chock-full of fearless land and marine creatures – which inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution – it’s a nature-lover’s dream.


This city is located in southern Ecuador’s Andes mountains known for its Tomebaba ruins. It still has a Historic Walled Town with steep cobbled streets and medieval castle ruins. Head into the central plaza to visit the blue-domed Catedral Nueva and the 16th-century Catedral Vieja, now a religious museum.

Trips to Ecuador

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9 Days in The Americas

Wilderness Adventures in Ecuador & the Galápagos

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Ecuador facts

What’s the national language of Ecuador?


What's the currency?

United States Dollar


Ecuador’s timezone is GMT-5

Top three activities

1. Kayak or paddleboard through the Itabaca Channel
2. Hike to the caldera of the Sierra Negra volcano
3. Swim with marine wildlife in the Galápagos Islands

Top five dishes to try

1. Encebollado – fish stew
2. Caldo de gallina – chicken soup
3. Cuy – roasted guinea pig
4. Churrasco – grilled steak served with fried eggs
5. Seco – stewed meat served with plantain

26 °c

Average temp in high season

What's the weather like in Ecuador?

Lying on the equator, Ecuador enjoys 12 hours of sunlight a day all year round. The coast tends to be warmer than the mountain regions, but the average summer temperature is 26ºC (76ºF), while winter temperatures average at 23ºC (73ºF).

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