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USA Trips

Why travel solo to the USA?

Endlessly vast and diverse, there’s more to the USA than first impressions would have you believe.

New Orleans, San Francisco, Miami; the cities of the USA are iconic destinations known the world over, each with its own distinctive character.

Head down to New Orleans and you’ll find a musical heritage like no other. This is the very place that birthed the pioneers of jazz and rock’n’roll, including legends such as Louis Armstrong and Fats Domino. A city of intimate blues performances, flavoursome Creole cuisine and mysterious bayous imbued with folklore (and alligators).

Over in San Francisco, you’ll find a city emanating a palpable creative energy. Where else could have transformed from the Wild West of the gold rush days into a world-leading tech hub? Then, there’s Miami, the only Caribbean city in the USA. With its vibrant tropical atmosphere, you’ll feel almost as if you’ve crossed over into Cuba. Art Deco heritage mingles with Latin charm, unfolding to the enticing rhythms of salsa.

But we couldn’t speak about the USA without mentioning its truly epic landscapes. Take Yosemite, for instance. This is possibly the only place where you can walk through the world’s tallest forests and scale cliff-faces of breathtaking proportions, with some of California’s finest wineries awaiting you just a short drive away.

Travel to the USA, and you might find all your expectations confirmed; whilst realising there’s a whole world of diversity and nuance existing beyond the obvious.

Top places to visit in the USA

New Orleans

African-American, Creole and Cajun influences combine in this city full-of-life to create a bustling hive of swinging music, delicious food and all-round good times. The historic heart of the city is the French Quarter, with its rich cultural heritage on display in its architecture and nightlife.


If you’re going to Miami, there will be plenty to keep you busy in this lively city. From Little Havana’s graffiti-adorned streets to the golden beachfront. Miami is a city of colour and vibrancy. Make sure you take time out to cruise across Miami’s tropical waters.

San Francisco

Sail under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay or pop over to one of the excellent vineyards for a sample of the good life. For the adventurers out there, the lush natural landscape of Yosemite is just a small hop away.

Yosemite National Park

Located near the Nevada border, this vast Californian landscape is all about nature on a breathtaking scale. It has long attracted serious adventurers with its epic cliffs, giant waterfalls and the world’s tallest forests.

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USA facts

What's the national language?


What's the currency?

United States Dollar (USD)


The United States is spread across six time zones; Hawaii (GMT-10:00), Alaska (GMT-09:00), Pacific (GMT-08:00), Mountain (GMT-07:00), Central (GMT-06:00), and Eastern (GMT-05:00).

Top three activities

1. Take a jazz steamboat down the Mississippi River
2. Hiking in Yosemite
3. Kayaking in Key Largo

Top five dishes to try

1. Clam chowder
2. Drop biscuits and gravy
3. Barbecue
4. Deep-dish pizza
5. Apple pie

27 °c

Average temp in high season

What's the weather like?

The USA is a vast country, with weather varying from north to south and east to west. Average temperatures in the summer are 27C (81F) and a chilly -1 C (33 F) in winter.

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