4 June, 2015

Hold on to your hats people, as you’re about to see how I travelled the globe in not 48, not 24 but 12 hours! Yes, you read that correctly. So watch my crazy video below and find out exactly how I managed to travel the world in 12 hours…(Warning: some mild dizziness may ensue)

Warning: Make sure you watch the video before reading any further! 

I did do it in 12 hours but of course it was all shot right here in London! You didn’t really think I’d make it around the world did you?

We’re proud to be a truly British company. You can find our office nestled in London, the amazing multicultural microcosm that offers up the world’s food, drink and music, all on our doorstep.

Our belief is simple. A country is only truly experienced when you venture off the well-worn tourist track so that you can see, hear and feel the place the same way a local does. Only then will you get close to the true essence, to the true heart, to the very fabric of the place you are in and have an experience like no other. This is where we come in, to make sure you feel life like a local in whichever country you’re in.


If you want to travel the world in 12 hours, these are the hidden gems in London that appeared in my video and that everyone should visit!

GermanyBavarian Beerhouse in the City. Huge steins of beer (which I didn’t get time to drink) Bavarian grub and oompah music, with staff dressed in dirndls and lederhosen

Turkey: Green Lanes in Harringay London is the best place for traditional Turkish food. You will find women baking delicious Gozleme bread in the windows – just like in Istanbul.

USA: Fat Boys diner in Trinity Buoy Wharf – Classic 1950s-style chrome-and-neon diner with counter stools, great burgers, hotdogs & milkshakes!  Also, check out the really cool breakdancing club in Charing Cross underground station at 6pm on a Friday afternoon.


Thailand: The delightful Buddhapadipa Thai Buddhist Temple sits on a quiet residential street in Wimbledon. All are welcome to this wonderful gem of a place. Sundays are the best days to visit and meet some of the twelve monks that live here including Ruchi (featured in my video) who came over from Thailand just a few months ago.

India: The Shri Swaminarayan Mandir  (popularly known as the ‘Neasden Temple’) is a sanctuary of vibrant Hindu worship in north-west London

China: China Town  – Take a trip into the Far East by walking north from Leicester Square into Chinatown. Happy Lemon does really great Chinese tea and is super poplar so expect to queue!

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RussiaBanya No1 near Old Street  – Authentic Russian Banya. Oleg (featured in my video) is highly recommended! Try the homemade Beetroot Kvass & Crayfish afterwards.

Jamaica: In Brixton there are loads of great Jamaican cafes, shops and restaurants including my new friend Kevin who you can find selling Jamaican souvenirs at Brixton market.


Ghana: Dalston has a large African population and there is no better place to check out really interesting market stalls than Dalston Market. See if you can find the giant snails!

LebanonMaroush in Edgware Road where you can see live music & belly dancing every night from 9:30pm. I had a lot of fun here 🙂

So now you know it’s possible, you can travel the world in 12 hours!

And if you love London as much as I do then please share this blog!



Images: Lee Thompson

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