What is a Flash Pack Insider?

What is a Flash Pack insider?

When you sign up as a Flash Pack Insider, you become an honorary member of the team.
You join our crew of adventurer-loving nomads to tackle Flash Pack’s newest launches all around the world.

In return for a discount, we’ll ask you to preview a new adventure of your choice and share your honest feedback.

Some rules

What do I need to do?

Think of yourself as a restaurant critic, but instead of fancy veloutés, you’re reviewing an entire adventure.

We want all our escapes to be the very best they can be, so your role is to recce a new trip and provide objective feedback.

We need you to identify what’s great and what’s not. That way, we can iron out any kinks. 

Photographers, videographers and blog writers: you’re particularly welcome, as your skills can breathe life into our latest adventures.

Great – what’s the catch?

It’s not for everyone.

You need to be flexible, broad-minded and open to the idea that not everything will be perfect.

We’re taking you behind the scenes at Flash Pack, so it’s about throwing yourself into the fray.

Some things will work, some won’t.

Prepare for a few hiccups along the way – that’s what the discount is for.

If you prefer your adventure to be tip-top with bells on, it’s better to opt for one of our usual, non-discounted adventures.

I’m keen, what next?

Every season, we hand-pick a fresh batch of Flash Pack Insiders to join our growing team.

If you like the sound of the role, take a look at our Insider requirements, below. You can also sign up to our Insider newsletter for a front-row seat to all our latest trips.

Then get in touch with us below to find out more.

Your feedback

Forget sugar-coating: we want your frank opinion on what works in our new adventure, and what might need changing.

You’ll need to bring a discerning eye to the adventure, and jot down your thoughts on everything from hotels to transport and experiences along the way.

Back in the real world, we’ll arrange a debrief to catch up on all the details: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Get social

Part of the Insider role involves shouting about the adventure you’re having on social media channels.

We ask that you share your day-to-day highlights of the trip tagging Flash Pack and using our hashtag #adventuresworthsharing.

Snap happy

Flash Pack Insiders are required to get handy with your phone cameras, so we can provide a colourful picture of the adventure to future Flashpackers.

Homegrown photos and video footage are most welcome, but if you have professional skills, so much the better – and it may qualify you for an extra discount.

We’ll happily credit all images provided. 

If you are a professional photographer please get in touch & let us know.

One trip a year

Due to high demand, most Flashpackers can only come on one Insider trip per calendar year.

Join the inside

To be considered please fill out the form below:


“Great company, great trip. I was lucky enough to go on the Insider Tour of Sri Lanka which meant they were still reviewing activities and hotels on the trip and would like the travellers feedback which we all gave along the way which Flash Pack took seriously enough to ensure the next trip had these changes in place”

Diane- Sri Lanka Insider (via Feefo)