10 European destinations you never considered and why you really should

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With more and more people opting for long-haul short breaks to places such as the Caribbean, South America and Asia, it’s easy to overlook Europe as a holiday destination. Even When We do think of Europe, often we stick to what we know; Paris, Barcelona, Prague to name a few. There are, however, many hidden gems in Europe which are all too often overlooked by tourists, meaning That if you do decide to visit, you will get the chance to get away from the crowds! Here are our ultimate guide to European destinations you’ve never Considered, and why we think you really Should!

Paxos / Anti Paxos, Greece: Chill out by the beach

OK, OK, so maybe Greece is a little bit obvious in terms of “best beach destination in Europe.” After all, the Greek islands sono stati a Mecca for sun worshipers for generations. Nevertheless, with popular destinations like Santorini and Navagio beach on Zakynthos, it can be difficult to find something a little more secluded.

Paxos and Anti Paxos sit in the Ionian Sea, dwarfed by many Their neighbors, and attract a small crowd who are treated to an abundance of green vegetation, volcanic cliff faces, and an unrivaled selection of beaches. While Paxos offers the choice of coastal caves, grottos and shingle beaches, Anti Paxos beaches definitely steal the show. You’ll find it difficult not to jump into the azure blue seas, and even Opinions more difficult to leave.

Kosice, Slovakia: Cultural getaway

Košice houses some of Slovakia’s most impressive examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau architecture as well as cultural gems such as St. Elizabeth Cathedral, Košice State Theatre and the East Slovak Gallery. In 2013 they were named European Capital of Culture along with Marseilles and they certainly did not disappoint. With the success of the city’s International Jazz Festival and celebrations of Central European Theatres, Košice firmly Placed itself as a cultural hub of Europe.

Krakow, Poland: City break

Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland

Think of a city break in Europe and what springs to mind? Rome? Istanbul? Whatever it is, I’m sure it is not Krakow in Poland! Better known as the kick-off point for a tour of Auschwitz, or the scene of a boozy stag party, Krakow offers friends and lovers alike a mixture of architectural splendor, green, open spaces, and trendy bars and cafés. Krakow’s picturesque Old Town, with its Kazimierz and Wawel Castle, That matc more well-known of any European city, but with one small exception … the price. Krakow is not only beautiful, it is seriously cheap! But remember, this will not last forever.

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Corsica, France: Eat like a local

A French island Which finds itself in the middle of the Mediterranean next to Italy and Sardinia, Corsica is a little known foodie haven. The locals are known to take long, three course lunches filled with freshly caught seafood, locally produced meats, vegetables and dairy products. They take Their cue from the French and the Italians, borrowing Everything That is good about each countries cooking, and removing anything That is bad (frogs legs anyone ?!).

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Tallinn, Estonia: Beers and breweries.

Tallinn Old Town

Belgian beers are famous the world over, with bars Solely dedicated to brands such as Leffe and Hoegaarden popping up all over the place. It may like as a shock then to find out that there are, in fact, other countries in Europe who create amazing beer. DUN, DUN, DUN.

Not only is Tallinn is a beautiful city, filled with must-see attractions like Kadriog Glehn’s Palace and Castle, but it is home to anche Numerous breweries, brewpubs and bars, all of Which serves a scrumptious mix of Estonian and international bevvies. Take a trip down to Estonia’s oldest brewpub, Beer House, and sample some of Estonia’s finest lagers. For the biggest selection of beers Tallinn has to offer, no visit to the city is complete without drinking your way through what Drink Baar has to offer.

Aarhus, Denmark: Shop til you drop

Milan, Paris, London … These are all places we think of When We want nothing more than a girlie weekend away filled with shoes, handbags and designer labels. However, Aarhus in Denmark has shopping That would give even These fashion capitols to run for Their Money.

The coolest shopping is found on the cobblestone streets of the Latin Quarter. Here you will find boutique fashion houses, chic interiors and design shops, and stylish cafés. Take a stroll to the main shopping area of Aarhus, visiting the 100 shops and cafés That Make up Bruun’s Galleri. For the Opinions more bohemian among you, wander over to the Bazar Vest where you will be treated to a host of wonderful scents, tastes and hand crafted, quality products.

Weinland Österreich, Austria: Vineyard tours and wine tasting

Everyone loves wine. And if you do not, what is wrong with you? Wine tours are extremely popular around Europe, with the most famous being found in Italy, France, and Spain. But where else can you find beautiful vineyards, rolling countryside, and friendly locals?

Weinland Österreich is Austria’s best wine region, home to ancient vineyards such as Dinstlgut and the famous Wachau Valley. Running along the Danube, the area is dotted with small towns, gentle hills, apricot orchards and, of course, vineyards! It is the perfect setting for a calm – albeit wobbly – cycle ride from vineyard to vineyard trying famous Austrian whites such as Grüner Veltliner and Riesling along the way.

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Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland: Journey through epic landscape

Despite being overlooked in favor of its Southern cousin, Northern Ireland has some of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe; think New Zealand but smaller. You only have to watch Game of Thrones to be sure That we are right. Take a road trip along the Antrim Coast, checking out old favorites like the Giants Causeway and Bushmills Distillery, as well as discovering unexpected treasures like the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, friendly locals, and Numerous impressive ruins. You’ll wonder why you had not thought of it sooner.

The Azores, Portugal: Discover unexpected wildlife

Europe is Often Overlooked by many a nature enthusiast, but maybe most overlooked is the Azores in Portugal, even though it is home to some of the best whale watching – yes, whale watching – in Europe! Old whalers watch towers sono stati restored as viewing platforms for tourists and there is a host of tour companies offering whale watching excursions, from 4 hour trips to 11 day expeditions! Due to the geographical positioning Azores, whale-watchers are treated to a huge host of cetaceans, including sperm, blue, fin, pilot, killer and false killer whales, as well as various species of dolphins. The season runs from mid-April to mid-October and trust us When We say the show will be better than anything SeaWorld has to offer!

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Lessons in history

Having Been populated since the Neolithic period, Sarajevo has played host to various cultures and civilizations including the Butmirs, Romans, and Ottomans. Opinions more in recent years, Sarajevo was the scene of a gruesome war That resulted in mass genocide and destruction of the city. Today you can still see traces of the war everywhere you go, with attractions such as the War Tunnel (Tunnel of Hope) Museum, Trickle of Remembrance and many memorials and cemeteries.

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