Best Places To Go In October: Our Top 9 picks for a solo vacation

By Andrew Dickens

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Explore the best places to go in October for a solo vacation

October, while resplendent in its autumn colours, and welcomed for the opportunity it provides for reintroducing your favourite knitwear to your wardrobe, is also the month when things get noticeably darker and colder on the northern hemisphere. If you are not a fan of these things (or you are a fan and live in the southern hemisphere), perhaps you should consider a solo holiday, for a change of scenery and/or temperature. These countries are among the best places to go in October.

1. Portugal

beach in the algarve

As the north of Europe drifts sadly towards shorter days and more layers, Portugal is still a dreamy destination for anyone wanting some October sun. Cities like Lisbon and Porto continue to offer up t-shirt weather, while the Algarve will do you nicely for a beach vacation.

Travel tip for October: Get sporty with a round of golf or a trip to a Primeira Liga soccer match.

2. South Africa

There isn’t really a bad month to go to South Africa, but there are definitely some more expensive ones. October is just before you need to spend the bigger bucks and just before the tourist numbers crank up. It’s also the start of spring, so the weather in places like Cape Town is just delightful.

Travel tip for October: The sea will be freezing, so head inland – the moderate temperatures are ideal for hiking, adventure sports and visiting wineries.

3. Australia

Like South Africa, the advantage of Australia being upside down is that October sees things heating up, but isn’t too hot. This makes it an ideal time to visit pretty much any part of this vast country (it’s wider than the moon, you know), but we’d always suggest the west coast.

Travel tip for October: This is the ideal month for wildlife-spotting, and Australian wildlife is really wild.

4. Croatia

people kayaking in croatia

There really isn’t much that Croatia doesn’t offer as a holiday destination. Glorious seas and beaches, beautiful countryside, watersports, adventure holidays, skiing, wine, pastries, dragons (Croatia is one of the main Game of Thrones locations, in case you’re wondering). All this and the still-warm air make it one of the best places to go on vacation in October.

Travel tip for October: Crystal-clear waters and average sea temperatures of 21°C make the Croatian coast a snorkelling paradise.

5. Peru

We were tempted to just say ‘go to South America’, but we should probably be more specific, so we’ve chosen Peru. October in Peru sees you catch the end of the dry season, while the temperatures are beginning to warm up. It’s also a lot less crowded on the Sacred Valley trails.

Travel tip for October: Autumn is also a great time for wildlife-spotting in the Amazonian regions.

6. South-east Asia

a photo of halong bay vietnam in september

Ok, this isn’t all that specific, but it really doesn’t matter if you go to Vietnam or Thailand – you’ll have a great October vacation. The temperatures are lower, as are the crowds and prices, and you’re just ahead of the rainy season,

Travel tip for October: Plot a route down the length of Vietnam, from the autumnal north, through the lush, rainy middle, to the warm and drier south.

7. Japan

japanese maple in autumn

Much is made of Japan’s Golden Week, when the cherry blossom (sakura) causes the country to erupt into a sea of pink, but October in Japan sees the multi-colored glory of autumn leaves (koyo). It’s also when the sweltering summer heat begins to cool.

Travel tip for October: Find an outdoor onsen and get naked with nature.

8. Jordan

riding a camel across desert in jordan

Summer in Jordan can clear the 40°C mark, but Jordan in October see average temperatures sit in the very pleasant high 20s. This is the ideal temperature for exploring one of the Middle East’s most alluring and welcoming countries for traveling solo, particularly when it comes to trekking through the desert to Petra.

Travel tip for October: Stay overnight in a Bedouin camp for a whole new perspective on tranquillity.

9. Nepal

best places to travel solo nepal

Nepal isn’t the easiest place to get to, which can only be seen as a good thing. If it was a short hop away, it would have been ruined by tourism. Luckily, its beauty and charm – not to mention the small matter of Mount Everest – make it a bucket list destination at any time of year, but October is the best month for hiking.

Travel tip for October: Spend some extra time in Kathmandu, a much-underrated city.

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