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Everything you need to know about travel to Peru right now, and why it should still be top of your list


Peru has always been a firm favourite among Flashpackers. Why wouldn’t it be when it lays claim to world-famous Machu Picchu, the sprawling and mysterious Amazon plus Lima’s unrivalled culinary scene? That said, a lot has happened in Peru over the past few months, so we’re here to explain exactly why it’s safe to book our Peru adventure and answer some key FAQs to put your mind at ease.

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What happened in Peru?

In early December 2022, Peru’s president, Pedro Castillo, was impeached and removed from government. The change of government triggered a period of civil unrest across Peru with protests breaking out between supporters of former president Mr Castillo and new president Ms Boluarte. Protesters occupied airports and other public buildings, they also set up blockades across main roads and train tracks, including blocking off all access to Machu Picchu. A national State of Emergency was declared and the police and army were deployed to restore order.

The frequency of protests has declined and order has been restored to the majority of Peru, with there only being a few isolated protests in the far south of the country. Airports resumed normal operations in mid-February and Machu Picchu fully re-opened by the end of February. The national State of Emergency ended in mid March and our trusted local partner resumed all of their normal tour operations. Happily that means that our next Flash Pack departures will run as planned from May onwards.

Does Flash Pack go near the affected areas on the Spectacular Peru tour?

No. As of the end of March 2023, the only provinces that are experiencing protests are located in the far south of the country, specifically in Puno and Arequipa. Flash Pack tours do not operate here. The closest location on our itinerary is Cusco which is a seven hour (390km) drive from Puno and a nine hour (510km) drive from Arequipa.

Is it safe to travel to Peru at this time?

It is safe to travel to Peru and all Flash Pack trips will be running as normal from May onwards.

The FCDO and US Department of State travel advice continues to refer to the recent protests in the far south of Peru, but they do not advise against travel to any of the areas of Peru included in the Flash Pack itinerary.

How will travel to Peru impact the local people?

Our trusted local team on the ground in Peru felt the absence of tourism and the usual flow of Flashpackers at the beginning of 2023. Now that the period of civil unrest has passed and it is safe to return to Peru, travelling to Peru will help support all these local people in Peru. Our team can’t wait welcome you back.

Would it be better to delay my adventure?

Considering the sites we visit on our Flash Pack adventure are now unaffected by protests, there is no reason to delay travelling to Peru.

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