5 of the finest picnic spots all across the globe

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Back in the day, the word “picnic” conjured up images of limp cheese sandwiches and a gallon of orange squash.

But throw a global stage into the mix, and you have a whole different picture.

Set against the backdrop of a Costa Rican volcano, or a remote Omani wadi, the humble picnic is suddenly elevated.

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Under wide skies and stirring views, your al fresco feast takes on an exotic hue. And local delicacies only add to the experience (not to mention the company of like-minded travellers).

So – in an ode to global food and the Great Outdoors – here are five of our favourite picnic spots from all around the world…

The Uyuni salt flats, Bolivia


The world’s largest salt plain creates a natural amphitheatre – where better to stop for a picnic?

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As the sun goes down over the flats of Uyuni, sending a pinkish haze over the shimmering shores, settle into a banquet of Andean highland delights.

Forget sand in your sandwiches, this is more a case of salt in your olives; a combination that just so happens to sing…

Join us in brilliant Peru.

Belum rainforest, Malaysia


A morning’s boating in Belum rainforest finds its finale in a picnic by the beautiful Ruok waterfall.

Keep an eye out for the rafflesia, a giant red (and elusive) flower that is native to the forest, as you hang by the sun-dappled river.

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If fate is on your side, you may even spot Malayan elephants and tigers that gather by the salt lick at Jenut Papan nearby.

Don’t miss our escape to Malaysia.

Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway


No chat of great picnic spots could go without mention of Norway, with its mirror-still lakes and vast, snow-capped mountain ranges.

Don your ice picks to navigate the icy crevasses and ravines of Jostedalsbreen glacier before pausing for a picnic in the surrounding national park.

Breathe in the clean air and live the Norwegian concept of friluftsliv – meaning a deep understanding and closeness with nature – in a wilderness coliseum.

Have your hiking boots handy as we head into the wilds of Norway.

Pan Pet, Myanmar

Get set for an abundance of lush, shady forest and hillside villages in the Kayah State region of Myanmar.

The jungle terrain here makes terrific trekking territory, and after a few hours hiking through remote country foothills, we’ll stop for a picnic in Pan Pet.

This  ancient settlement perched on a mountain top is considered to be one of the first Kayan settlements in area, and there’s no better place to tuck into a feast of spicy local dishes.

Pacaya volcano, Guatemala


As far as picnic backdrops are concerned, a live volcano is pretty unbeatable.

Our new Guatemala and Belize adventure sees us climb to the smoky peak of Pacaya Volcano, some 2,500 metres above sea level.

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Just before the summit, we’ll dig into a generous spread (think corn tortillas with black beans and avocado) in the most sensational of settings.

Images: Shutterstock and Flash Pack

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