7 unique and spectacular lunch dates to travel the world with

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Want to change up your lunch routine? Grab food for thought with these wanderlust ideas

The answer to that daily cliffhanger, “What did you have for lunch?” may never carry such clout as when you’re travelling the world. Back at home, an honest reply might be “a can of tomato soup with slightly mouldy bread” or even “two packets of crisps chomped down hastily al desko”. 

On a global adventure, however, the prospect of a midday meal takes on a whole new dimension. Not only do you have more time to indulge in this time-honoured ritual. You can also use it as an excuse to really get under the skin of a place – with smashing company, spectacular destinations; or indeed, a potent mixture of both. 

As you might expect, Flash Pack’s take on lunch comes with a hefty side serving of experiential delight. Wherever we are in the world, we make sure that our adventures deliver next-level foodie potential whether that’s dining out on a glacier, breaking bread with a superhero wrestler or something else extraordinary. 

Here are just a few great lunch ideas from our repertoire of global adventures that truly punch above. 

Lunch with a sumo wrestler, Japan

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After lunch with a sumo wrestler, you’ll never feel bad about over-eating again. Japan’s fabled athletes weigh an average of 150 kilos, meaning that a generous midday meal is all but mandatory. Rock up at one of Tokyo’s secretive sumo stables to watch the sumos at practice, before sitting down to share a traditional, very rich Chanko sumo lunch. We’re not sure if post-lunch naps are part of this calorific ritual – but perhaps they should be. 

Jump on-board for Japan

Lunch with safari views, South Africa

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There are few better ways to kick off your first game drive than with a pre-safari lunch. This meal in question is particularly special, given that it plays out at Mdluli Safari Lodge, in the heart of South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Feast on an a la carté menu overlooking the retreat’s sumptuous infinity pool, with direct views to the hazy plains ahead. An ideal place to dream of the wonders that await you on the afternoon safari up next.. 

Say hi to South Africa

Lunch with a local family, Bali

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The Jatiluwih rice terraces in western Bali are a magnificent sight all by themselves – but Flash Pack gives the outing a unique twist. En-route to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll stop off in the remote village of Pinge to have lunch with a Balinese family who’ve lived in the region for generations. You’ll have to sing for your supper, too, as you learn how to prepare a seasonal feast surrounded by undulating rice fields.

Be dazzled by Bali

Lunch with a Luchador, Mexico City

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It’s not everyday that you get to shoot the breeze with a masked superhero, but our adventure in Mexico City offers exactly that. Step inside the world of Mexican wrestling with a real-life Luchador, Mexico City’s legendary costumed fighters. Learn how they train before trying out a spot of duelling yourself. Your efforts will be rewarded by way of a street food lunch with your Luchador. If you’re lucky, the same champ will accompany you to a live Lucha Libre show in the evening so you can see this flamboyant battle of good versus evil play out with expert commentary.

Explore mesmerising Mexico City

Lunch on a private island, Croatia

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Thought private islands were only for millionaires? Think again. Flash Pack’s escape to Croatia involves a very special day out at a family-run private island in the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy exclusive access to this sunshine enclave, which isn’t open to the public but *is* home to its very own restaurant. Handily, the family who own it are also restaurateurs with a fine line in Adriatic oysters. So you can spend a very happy lunch here, feasting on Dalmatian seafood, beers and cocktails – a dreamy intro to your very own patch of paradise.

Charming Croatia awaits

Lunch on a glacier, Iceland

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Flashpackers are no ordinary travellers. We are brave, intrepid souls: the explorers of unknown seas and uncharted landscapes. Well, sort of. With a bit of luxury thrown in. Our hike over Sólheimajökull Glacier in Iceland is a case in point. This thrilling route leads through a series of ice caves and intriguing formations, culminating in an alfresco picnic. What better way to soak in the wild and dramatic backdrop? 

Let Iceland tempt you in

Lunch with a Netflix star, Colombia

Mama Luz is something of a star in Bogotá. Well, technically her award-winning Ajiaco soup is. This beloved chicken and potato soup put Mama Luz on the map in the Netflix docuseries Street Food: Latin America, and she’s had fans queuing round the corner ever since. You can grab a first-hand taste of the innovation and tradition at play in this hearty cuisine, with a visit to Mama Luz’s restaurant – not to mention a sit-down with the lady herself. 

Discover delightful Colombia

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