Where is hot in April? 9 of the best countries to visit for sun

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Patience is a virtue, but if you’re not all that virtuous when it comes to getting your dose of summer sun, then you can always pack your bags and head off to seek higher temperatures somewhere else in the world while Spring is still springing.

Technically, March sees the start of the year’s most optimistic season (in the Northern Hemisphere, obviously) but April is when we really notice the longer days and more frequent use of sunglasses. Yet it’s still not bikini weather in many countries and there are always those infamous showers to dampen your days out, so where is hot in April? We’ve listed nine suggestions.

Mexico City, Mexico

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Average high temperature: 27C

Mexico City in April isn’t ‘Ay caramba!’ hot like other parts of the country, but nestles at the higher end of where a city-based holiday should show on a thermometer. And what a city: the largest Spanish-speaking city on the planet and with vibrancy such size brings.

It has history, it has music, but (in our opinion) most importantly it has a fabulous food and drink scene. You can dine at restaurants that vary from the avant-garde to the colourful traditional cantinas that will fill you with classic dishes, or you can hunt for Mexico City’s finest street food which can be nothing grander than a hole in a wall. A foodie essential for any Mexico trip. Then, of course, there’s the mezcal, which is a far more sophisticated experience than any nightclub tequila slammers.


Miami, USA

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Average high temperature: 26C/82F

We’re not sure that Miami knows any other kind of weather other than sun; it just varies from sunny to extremely sunny. April is the perfect time to visit: hot enough that you don’t need to think how to dress (whites, pastels, skimpy), but not hot that you want to hide in your air-conditioned room.

It’s also a good temperature to explore this funtime City, from the art deco delights of Miami Beach to the graffiti-decked, brewery-filled hipness of Wynwood. Why not go farther afield, too, with a trip to the Florida Keys or the Everglades? Whatever your Miami vice happens to be, pack a bag and jet-off on a USA trip to match.

Marrakech, Morocco

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Average high temperature: 26C/82F

Morocco is listed in just about every ‘winter sun’ list, but it’s even better for ‘spring sun’ as northern Africa turns the thermostat up a notch and the light gets a little brighter: perfect for bringing out those vibrant Moroccan colours.

Marrakech is a must-go destination on any Morocco trip. It’s got hustle, it’s got bustle, but it’s also got beauty and serenity, You can get your fingers sticky in the food markets, get haggling in the souks of the old Medina, or relax in the beautiful Islamic gardens.

Bali, Indonesia

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Average high temperature: 32C/90F

Enough with the cities. Let’s crank up the heat and gently lower the intensity with a trip to the island paradise of Bali. Of course, on a Bali trip, you’ll find idyllic beaches to lie on and sea and pools galore to splash around in, but that can get boring after a while (can’t it?).

So slap on the sun cream and head out to work up a sweat with some more exertive activities. You can go surfing and snorkelling, you can hike up volcanoes and flex yourself with some yoga. And, as it’s a holiday, you can dance the nights away, too.

Jaipur, India

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Average high temperature: 37C/99F

Jaipur, other than being the name of one of the UK’s finest beers, is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan and, therefore, at the heart of some of the country’s most fabulous scenery. It’s only the seventh-largest state by population, but the largest by area, meaning it’s a dream for hiking and wildlife spotting (stay covered and hydrated, folks!).

The old city of Jaipur is worth a trip alone, with its sunbaked buildings, lively markets, and absolutely Grade A food scene. It’s just the right size for walking and cycling around, so you can eat as much as you like – which, of course, is a staple for any curry-filled India trip of a lifetime.

Cairo, Egypt

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Average high temperature: 29C/F

Like Morocco, Egypt also benefits from North Africa’s wonderful climate in April. And if you’re going to visit Egypt once in your life, then you have to go to Cairo. You can walk (like an Egyptian) around one of the world’s most exciting cities, absorbing the electric (and eclectic) atmosphere.

You can go boating on the Nile (big one for Agatha Christie fans) and, of course, you can’t do an Egypt trip without dipping into the millennia of history on Cairo’s outskirts: the Great Pyramids of Giza, guarded by the mighty Sphinx.

Antigua, Guatemala

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Average high temperature: 27C/F

Central America is a hot destination in more ways than one. It’s practically the same, glorious temperature all year round (with just rainy seasons to think about); it’s also one of the most rapidly growing areas for travellers to visit, with countries such as Costa Rica, Belize and Guatemala leading the surge.

The colonial city of Antigua in Guatemala is one of the regions coolest destinations (not temperature-wise), with fabulous architecture and a happening nightlife. It’s also on the doorstep of the mighty Pacaya volcano, which is well worth half a day’s hike.


Côte d'Azur, France

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Average high temperature: 18C/F

Ok, hands up, we admit that the April temperatures in France’s Côte d’Azur region don’t qualify as ‘hot’ in everybody’s book, but these things are subjective and there’s no-one who can’t say they’re not at least warm.

They’re also perfect for enjoying some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside in the countryside’s finest season; and for enjoying one of the world’s great cuisines in the way it was intended: unpretentious, rustic, authentic restaurants and home cooking. Shack up in Aix-en-Provence with trips to larger, livelier places like Cannes and Nice an option.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Average high temperature: 36C/F

And we’re back in the big temperature leagues with our final destination. Cambodia’s capital is a city that has it all: history, culture, great food, and temperatures that will make you sweat. But that’s ok. That’s what a south-east Asia trip is all about (plus there’s plenty of air-con).

Immerse yourself in Cambodian culture by taking time to understand its recent bloody history under the Khmer Rouge, but also taking time to enjoy the friendly folk, the emerging craft beer scene and, of course, as much street food as you can force into your face.

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