COVID-19 update: A letter from our founders

An update for our Flashpackers from Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson:

“Dear all future and existing Flashpackers,

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge we have faced, and its effects have been felt across the entire industry.

The safety and wellbeing of our Flashpackers has always been – and will always be – our biggest priority, and as such, we’ve taken the decision to cancel all trips up until April 30th. We’re also working to help travellers get home safely that are currently on an adventure with us.

Fast-moving government advice, border closures and airline cancellations mean the situation has become too uncertain for any of us to predict.

We empathise with everyone who has been impacted, but it was an easy decision to make under the circumstances. We can assure you that all decisions are made in the best interest of our customers, which means putting your safety first.

Everyone affected has now been contacted and we’re working with each of them to either rearrange their travel plans for next year free of charge or help those that are currently travelling with us.

The global community of Flashpackers we have built over the past six years is incredible, however, we’re still a small business. Our team is working tirelessly to help those directly affected by imminent travel restrictions and quarantines, so we ask for your patience as our response times will be slower than usual.

We’re part of an incredible eco-system of inspiring small businesses, partners, suppliers, guides and whole communities that are reliant on tourism to survive. So, we’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our team around the world, who are working with great flexibility to accommodate changes that will help keep our Flashpackers safe.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update everyone if there are further changes being made.

The travel industry is resilient and, whilst these current conditions might change the immediate outlook of our adventures, our ambition to provide incredible experiences around the world for solo travellers remains the same.

We look forward to exploring the world with you again soon.”

Radha and Lee

Radha and Lee

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