9 December, 2016

New to small group adventures? Have a go at this quiz!

We know the drill.

The daily routine has got a bit dull, and you’re dying to get away. To escape.

In the past, you’ve always travelled with friends, but now it seems like all of your old travel buddies are either busy with their own schedules, have other commitments or just can’t afford to take the kind of holidays you want.


Philippines solo group

Or, maybe you’re a badass and you’re used to travelling solo. But even the most hardened and independent of travellers need a bit of company sometimes. It makes the adventure just that little bit more enjoyable when you can share it.

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Luckily for you, there is an answer to both of these scenarios: a group tour. The perfect group holiday for 30-40 somethings.

You might have heard the term “group tour” but don’t really get what’s involved. You’ve never considered one before; you never needed to. How do you know if it’s right for you? Aren’t they for budget backpackers and senior citizens? Won’t you be stuck on a coach with 50 other people wearing matching caps?

Hiking along Dana Biosphere Reserve

Um, in a word, no. Firstly, this is Flashpacking, darling. Group holidays for 30-40 somethings don’t have to be cringe-worthy or hard work. No 16 hour coach journeys, no substandard 2 star hotels and definitely no massive crowd in tow. We’re putting the cool back into group holidays. What’s more, most of our customers have never taken a small group tour before.

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So how did they decide to take the leap? Going on holiday with 10 other strangers does require a certain frame of mind and personality. That’s why we’ve put together this quick quiz to help you find out if small group tours are the right option for you. Stop putting it off – let’s get started!

Mulling over whether a group adventure is right for you? Take the quiz, below




Images: Flash Pack


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