London is the gin-drinking capital of the world

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Here at Flash Pack, we have a penchant for all things gin. You could say that our appetite for this tipple is so great, it rivals our passion for travel. Well, almost – but we will say this. We owe juniper berries quite a lot.

Both travel and gin are potent and moreish delights, with endless scope for adventure.

And, while an ice-cold gin and tonic is shorthand for a hot summer’s day, gin is a drink that can happily be savoured by a cosy pub fire, too. Like cashmere blankets or fondue, it’s an all-season saviour.

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Given the depths of our fascination, we felt it was only right that we do a little research on the topic (all in the name of science, naturally). And our forensic analysis of gin-related hashtags on Instagram brings glad tidings.

London is a city of gin-lovers

For, in all cities across the world, we can reveal that (drum-roll, please) London is the gin capital. Yes, our fair city of pigeons and packed-out tubes is sanctuary to a large swarm of vociferous gin-drinkers, with the highest level of popular gin hashtags per location found here.

For anyone who lives in London, this won’t come as a massive surprise. Gin, after all, is a beverage that’s been enjoyed by Londoners since the mid-18th Century, with many residents brewing their own toxic versions in bathtubs. Luckily, these days you don’t need to make your own gin – the gin breweries of London are doing that just fine.

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The best gin bars in London

The gin renaissance of the past few years has seen business boom once again, with 46 distilleries opening in last year alone. Meanwhile, venues such Coburg Bar and Four Thieves are lauded for their alchemist spins on the beloved concoction.

“As a London-based company, we’re used to seeing Brits having a tipple or two in the city bars,” says Lee Thompson, co-founder here at Flash Pack. “So, we’re proud to see the city crowned the gin capital of the world.

“At Flash Pack, we’ve got a special place for gin in our hearts (and livers!), along with the rest of the city.”

Finding the best gin in the world

After London, next on the list of gin capital hubs is Berlin, with New York landing third place (an honour no doubt sealed by the Big Apple bar that serves up ancient and delectable formulas on the classic).

Australia also reveals itself to be a hot spot for gin-drinking in our survey, with three cities (Broadbeach, Melbourne and Healesville) ranking in the top 10 list. Beautiful Brazil is hot on its heels, with Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro both emanating a hefty level of gin-related enthusiasm.

Little wonder that publications including Stylist, Glamour and Pretty 52 have leaped to broadcast news of our gin capital research.

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The top 10 cities for unbeatable gin cocktails

1: London, United Kingdom

2: Berlin, Germany

3: New York, USA

4: Barcelona, Spain

5: Broadbeach, Australia 

6: Melbourne, Australia and Edinburgh, Scotland

7: Singapore, Asia 

8: Sao Paulo, Brazil 

9: Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Healesville, Australia

10: Dublin, Ireland and Linne, Netherlands

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