3 pancake recipes to travel the world with

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It’s amazing how a humble pancake can conjure up a sense of place. Crisp and moreish banana pancakes, for example, go hand-in-hand with a Koh Phangan beach. Thick hunks of Kaiserschmarren, dipped in fruit compote, take you straight to an alpine hut in the Dolomites. And as for the delicate waft of a Crepe Suzette – it could only be la belle Paris.

Below, Flash Pack’s tribe builder and resident foodie, Jenni Shaw, shares her favourite pancake recipes from around the world. Her delicious ideas tick off breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that you can dine out on pancakes for the whole day (or the entire week, come to that). All aboard for our wondrous culinary jaunt – and an adventure that you can relish without even leaving your kitchen…

Bali pancakes for brekkie

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Jenni says: Whilst wanderlusting over Flash Pack’sBali adventure, I came across a fair few Instagram accounts of awesome healthy brunch spots, with pictures of the most wickedly naughty treats that were actually (apparently) wholesome.  I was therefore inspired to a) book a flight (I leave in 6 weeks whoop!) and b) re-create these delicious looking pancakes that were taking up my Insta feed.  I’ve fiddled around a bit with this recipe and am now confident that these are fit for any healthy Pancake Day table.


30g ground almonds

1 egg

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 x banana

10ml almond milk





Whizz up all the pancake ingredients in a blender

Heat a non-stick pan and place 3 circles of mixture in it

Cook on each side until they start to brown slightly

Plate up and cover with a liberal helping of blueberries and yogurt

Colombian arepas for lunch


Jenni says: Travelling on Flash Pack’s awesome Colombian adventure last year, I was lucky enough to taste a lot of new things – including many different tyeps of arepa.  I know that an arepa is not *exactly* a pancake, but in my mind, it is most definitely in the same family. And it ticks the savoury box, meaning that you can enjoy pancakes for all three meals on Shrove Tuesday.  I love a bit of an experimentation in the kitchen so I have had a good few goes at these, but this latest incarnation of the recipe has definitely gone down best with my willing tasters.


150g instant polenta

1tsp salt

200ml boiling water (may not need it all!)

The filling

35g mozzarella

8 x cherry tomatoes

Fresh basil leaves


Mix the polenta, salt and water together until it is a sticky dough-like consistency (add water slowly, as you may not need it all)

Leave to rest for 15 mins

Heat some olive oil in a pan

Split up the dough in to 3 inch diameter and ½ inch thick ‘pancakes’

Fry on each side until brown and crispy

Put them in a hot oven for about 15 mins to dry out and puff up

Take them out of the oven and you can then open them up and stuff with your mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves (the fillings are totally up to you!)

The classic French crepe for dinner


I am sure every family has got a recipe for the classic French crepe. But if I tell you that this one is passed down through generations and that my parents actually MOVED to Paris to facilitate some hardcore crepe research, will you believe me when I say it’s the best? (Full disclosure – their move might have been more about learning to speak the language than actually researching crepes alone…) I, of course, was happy to lend a hand with the pancake eating and I am transported back to balmy evenings in Paris, munching on a takeaway crepe, whenever we make these.  They’re a great option for dinner, as they can be made either savoury or sweet.


150g plain flour

3 eggs

450ml skimmed milk

Pinch of salt

15g butter (melted)


Savoury: Smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese

Sweet: Lemon juice and caster sugar


Mix flour and salt together

Crack in eggs

Add 50ml milk and the melted butter to the batter and whisk until smooth (requires a bit of elbow grease!)

Keep adding milk in small doses until you have a batter

Leave to rest for 4-6 hours (this, I believe, is the key to the best crepes!)

Heat a bit of sunflower oil in a pan and ladle in the batter

Lift the pan and move the mixture around, so that it is equally covered in a thin layer of batter

Once the sides start coming away from the pan, make sure the whole pancake is loose and have a go at tossing it onto the other side

Once it is browned on each side, plate up with your choice of toppings

… And there you have it – three wanderlust-fuelled pancakes to make your day go with zing. Hurrah for midweek feasts!

Photos: Jenni Shaw/Shutterstock

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