Why we love Morocco

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Morocco is a land of mind melding magic. A beautiful, creative, concoction of fluorescent colours, eclectic sounds and sublime smells. Our brains are hurting just thinking about the innumerable things we adore about the place. But we’re going to take a stab at putting into words the main reasons for our unbridled love for Morocco. So here goes…

1. Get lost in a maze of markets

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Most counties in the world are moving toward building ever more cold, characterless shopping centres. With uniformly rowed store fronts and obsessively cleaned seating areas. Morocco refuses to bow to these new norms, and as Flashpackers, we love it for not doing so. Morocco has souks.

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Beautifully intact open air markets that are hundreds of years old, yet functioning just as they would have done centuries ago. Stalls are scattered along hundreds of winding sections, offering everything you can imagine. We especially love the homewares. Meticulously crafted wooden furniture and gorgeous lanterns that are a kaleidoscope of colours. A true feast for the eyes, and surprisingly light on the wallet (if you haggle hard enough).

2. Marvel at magnificent, monstrous mountains


From markets, now to mountains. Morocco has some seriously striking scenery and it’s mountainous areas are a perfect example of this. Most impressive are the Atlas Mountains though.

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Seeing them up close is an unforgettable experience. But, here’s a Flash Pack insider tip, you can go one better and actually stay in a wooden lodge overlooking the mountains. The morning views will leave you dumbfounded.

 3. Camel ride on the unspoilt sheet of the Sahara

A man leading three camels across the Sahara Desert

Riding a camel across the magnificent, deep orange sand of the Sahara desert really is as marvellous as it sounds. And then there are the mesmerizing, surreal, sand dunes.

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Their stunningly sharp edges look like they’ve been sliced by an oversized knife. One of the real highlights of being in the Sahara though, can only be experienced when night falls. You can then lie under the stars, marvelling at the beauty of the universe, in a way that would be impossible to in any city.

 4. Lose yourself in the wonder of waterfalls

akchour waterfall

Flashpackers like to mix things up. And Morocco really lets us do that by letting us go from the dry, dreamy Sahara to a world of wondrous waterfalls. And all within the same weekend, if you can handle it!

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We especially love Ouzid Falls, the second tallest waterfall in Africa. Losing yourself to the soothing sound of the rhythmically flowing water as it brushes against the rocks of the Middle Atlas Mountains is deeply satisfying.

5. Uncover the unexplored Essaouira


This is a place you don’t hear about in any of the countless travel blogs online, so it’s a real hidden gem. But that’s what makes it all the more wonderful. Essaouira is a truly authentic port town, largely unburdened by modern society. It has a distinct charm which really can’t be experienced anywhere else in Morocco.

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Seeing the neatly rowed luminous blue wooden boats at the edge of the port is quite the sight. They seem to almost glisten in the heat, and if you’re lucky you can catch some craftsman hand making new ones.

6. Embark on an accommodation experience like no other

2Ciels Boutique Hotel_Marrackech_Morocco_1

Leave the idea of stale hotel chains behind. In Morocco you can embark on real, authentic and unforgettable accommodation experiences. Imagine waking up in a gorgeously constructed wooden lodge in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. Or how about emerging from your spacious tent in the middle of the Sahara surrounded by nothing by an endless sea of orange sand, like a true nomad. If you fancy something more concrete but equally exhilarating then we highly recommend Riad Hotels (houses or hotels with a central garden/courtyard).

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As you can imagine, Riad hotels provide a uniquely intimate environment. You feel almost part of a micro community. If you want complete privacy though, you can even rent your own Riad house, your own intimate cocoon in the wild world that is Morrocco. Whatever you choose from the above, you can be sure to have a memorable experience, waking up in surroundings no chain hotel in the world could match. That’s what happens when you Flash Pack.

small town

So why do we love Morocco? Because it has everything a modern Flashpacker could ever need. Sprawling, beautifully buzzing authentic markets, stunning mountain scenery, the unspoilt golden sheet of the Sahara, serene soothing waterfalls, secret port towns. Oh, and accommodation experiences unlike anywhere else on earth.

Come join us!

Images: Flash Pack, Shutterstock

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