Single in your 40s? Now is the time to travel

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When is the best time to travel? If you are single and in your 40s, the time is now. That magic combination of no ties, a disposable income and being young and fit enough to climb a mountain means that travelling in your 40s is the perfect time start ticking off places on your travel bucket list.

And you wouldn’t be alone. Research published by Mintel showed that more than half of solo travellers aged between 35 and 54 have taken a holiday alone, or as part of a group of people they didn’t know, because they have more freedom to do what they want. This was the largest percentage of any age group. They can’t all be wrong.

Embrace the freedom of solo travel and explore our favourite holiday destinations for singles over 40.

5 of the best holiday destinations for singles over 40

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Reykjavík, Iceland

Visit Reykjavik during the winter for a chance to see the Northern Lights, and enjoy a cold beer in the steaming pools of the Blue Lagoon while the snow falls on your face. Alternatively, head there in summer to experience the mind-blowing volcanic landscapes and awe-inspiring waterfalls, as well as revelling in the lingering night sun.

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Avignon, France

Avignon is an easy weekend getaway, located in the heart of French Provence. This medieval city is one of France’s most charming, steeped in history with beautifully preserved ramparts and medieval monuments. Top-quality restaurants are hidden within the cobbled lanes enclosed by the city’s ramparts. Highlights include the annual arts festival, the spectacular Papal Palace and the nearby lavender fields that bloom in the summer.

Florence, Italy

Florence is an ideal destination for singles over 40 wanting to indulge in the arts and culinary delights the city has to offer. Immerse yourself in the culture, visit the historic centre, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and an abundance of Renaissance palaces, museums, art galleries and gardens. The culinary scene is impressive from classic ristorantes to trattorias to pizzerias. all serving classics risotto, lasagna and pizza.

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Montreal, Canada

This Canadian city in French-influenced Quebec is one cool spot, from the laid-back basement jazz clubs in Centre-Ville to the vibrant bars and restaurants in Vieux Montreal – it’s easy to see why Montreal is an appealing destination for solo travellers over 40. In summer, revellers pour in for the International Jazz Festival at the end of June, while in winter you can ski just outside the city.

Ibiza, Spain

There’s a lot more to this Mediterranean port city than all night clubs. The 2,500-year Old Town is a historical treasure trove. Combined with great bars and world-class restaurants, Ibiza Town becomes one of the best holiday destinations for solo travellers over 40.

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A Flashpacker’s tips for solo travelling in your 40s

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Avoid tourist hotspots

You know where you want to go but how can you make the best of it? If you want a holiday that will create memories that last a lifetime, travel to your dream destination but plan to experience it in a more unique way. Visiting Cuba, I didn’t want to stay in a gigantic, generic, all-inclusive hotel that shields tourists from the realities of visiting a communist country.

Instead, I opted to stay in a Casa Particular; a private room in a family’s home. The two ladies who were looking after me waited patiently for me to surface for breakfast each day, while the owner, Roberto, took me through his photo album from his recent trip to Reading in Berkshire. By the end of my stay, the ladies who had treated me as a member of the family for the past four days worked up the courage to ask why I chose to visit Havana by myself? I explained in broken Spanish that, as expected, it had been a very interesting experience.

Take the leap

If, like me, you have a few adventures on your wish list, now is the time experience them. No-one wants to think about getting older and how it can restrict your ability to have the holiday you want. But there are things you can do to make life easier for yourself.

Travelling with bit of luxury can enhance your experience. I’m planning on returning to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile but instead of shivering in a tent wearing every piece of clothing I’ve taken with me (like last time), I’ll opt to stay in a luxury yurt or  hotel. Getting a good night’s sleep and having a decent meal can also make a world of difference when you’re looking to upgrade your 40s travel experience.

Explore holidays for solo travellers over 40

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Ready to embark on your next adventure and experience the best holiday destinations for solo travellers over 40? Join Flash Pack today and you can enjoy the incredible experiences of travelling alongside other like-minded travellers.

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