2 July, 2015

Corfu? Again? Really? Don’t get us wrong, Corfu’s eye wateringly beautiful, but Greece has so much more to offer. There are dozens of spectacularly stunning, but well hidden islands, scattered all over the country, just begging to be explored. And we feel it’d be almost criminal to not shed some light on these little beauties. So if you want to venture beyond the clichéd done-to-death Greek island destinations (i.e. Mykanos, Corfu, Rhodes and Keffalonia), then check out our list of Greek’s hidden gems below. And every island on our list is sprinkled with breathtakingly beautiful beaches, each with their own unique qualities.

Also, we all know Greece could do with a bit of a hand on the money front right about now. So, when you visit, just be sure to take some extra mullah than usual and spend it lavishly. Passionate travellers can help turn Greece’s economy around!


1. We absolutely love PATMOS, as despite its tiny size it’s chock full of gorgeous beaches. Meloi Beach is particularly distinctive with sharp sand curves around a small bay, lined with stunning tamarisk trees. And if you’re on Patmos, Chora Village has to be seen. The Chora is a mind blowing maze of winding medieval alleyways encircling the monastery of St John, Patmos’s centrepiece.



2. IKARIA has been neglected by most travellers, more fool them! They’re missing out on a hell of a lot. We especially love Akamatra village. It’s a real stunner with a dazzling central square featuring a 500 year old oak tree standing confidently over the island. Kampos beach is also worth checking out, especially for the history aficionados among you, as there are Roman odeon ruins and an archaeological museum nearby

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3. ITHAKA is a sleepy little island paradise (and when we meet little, we mean 120 sq. metres little). Our must sees include Piso Aetos; a narrow mountain ridge providing words-cannot-describe views. Skinos Beach; a long, narrow beach set in beautiful woodland. And Perahori Village; beautifully overrun by nature, with not a tour group in sight.



4. NAXOS is ever so slightly more touristy than the islands mentioned above, but still no way near the level of places like Corfu. When in Naxos, visiting Naxos Town should be a priority. An epic 21 ft. high marble door frame leads into the town, which bustles with an eclectic mix of tavernas, bars and shops. And don’t you dare leave Naxos without checking out Plaka beach; a gargantuan beach with sand as far as the eye can see.

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5. THASSOS is a real unexplored oasis. There’s a ridiculously useful coast road that rings around pretty much the whole island. This means easy access to the islands countless gorgeous beaches. You can easily hit up 3-4 beaches in an afternoon and we recommend Makryammos beach, Paradiso beach and Astris beach



6. If you’re a boat fan, then you need to get yourself to LIPSI. The island has a huge harbour that’s been recently updated making it a popular destination for boat and yacht travellers. If you can’t stand boats though, not to worry, the island is peppered with numerous beaches, all offering their own unique charm. Travel the Flashpack way. Go forth, be bold and tackle one (or more) of the tremendous number of tucked away treasures that Greece has been hiding away. And trust us when we say, once you flashpack, you never go back.

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7. ANTIPAROS’ crystal-like emerald waters and golden sandy beaches delight the senses and make it so you never want to leave. Lounging around isn’t the only option though. What we especially love about Antiparos are the seemingly limitless activity choices; hiking, wind surfing, cycling, boat tours, scuba diving – to name but just a few.

Travel the Flashpack way. Go forth, be bold and tackle one (or more) of the tremendous number of tucked away treasures that Greece has been hiding away. And trust us when we say, once you flashpack, you never go back.

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