5 comfort-busting experiences that’ll bring you face-to-face with your inner badass

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If lockdown taught us anything, it’s that life wasn’t made for sitting at our desks, glued to a landscape of Post-its. Our time on earth is short but wide, and – after two years of staying close to home – we’re ready to stretch our boundaries once again. 

That latent badass we all have within is itching to break loose. You know the one we mean. That inner cheerleader that tells you: you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and 100% ready to nosedive into adventure (even if your heart is pounding as you do it). 

This, my friends, is the exact persona that Flash Pack speaks to with our series of global getaways. Nearly every trip on our roster comes replete with daring and decadent experiences that’ll send your comfort zone spinning. 

So – no more “what ifs” or “maybe one day”. *Now* is the time to leave that Ikea flatpack desk behind (no offence, Ikea) and embrace your inner badass. Here’s how.

Abseil Table Mountain in South Africa

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Rappelling your way down South Africa’s iconic mountain one of the world’s highest commercial abseils is a great way of living life on the edge: quite literally. Embark on this nerve-jangling adventure, and light up your daredevil within. The expedition begins with a steep climb to the summit, passing wildlife such as jackal buzzards and African harrier-hawks. Admire sweeping views of Cape Town before inching your way over the precipice, 1,086 metres above sea level. The fear is there but the thrill takes over… Wim Hof, eat your heart out.

South Africa, I’m ready

Rev up for a snowmobile safari, Finland

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One fabulous means of spreading your adventure wings is with a heart-racing twilight safari across Finland’s snowy wilderness. Rev up on a fleet of state-of-the-art snowmobiles with nothing but snow-capped trees and a vast, powdery expanse all around. This is the Arctic outback at its finest: raw and beautiful, with infinite explorer potential.  As the low golden sun gives way to night, keep an eye out for the ethereal Northern Lights working their magic above.

Finland, get set

Get a spiritual sweat on in Mexico

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Derived from the Nahuatl word “Temāzcalli”, meaning “house of heat”, a Mexican temazcal ceremony is steeped in ancient Aztec history. This pre-hispanic cleansing ritual involves a sweat lodge filled with hot volcanic rocks that produce steam. Participants sit around the rocks in an igloo-type hut, soaking in the steam scented by burning sage or sweet grass. The experience is led by a shaman, who may invoke music or chanting (although part of the delight of a temazcal ceremony is that each one is entirely unique). One thing’s for sure: it’s an experience that will leave you revived and alive – a rite your intrepid side will love.

Mexico, here we come

Canyon the Bohinj Valley in Slovenia

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Lake Bohinj is the lesser-known cousin of Slovenia’s Lake Bled, and the surrounding Bohinj Valley is home to a labyrinth of deep canyons, waterfalls and streams. Once you’re suited and booted, you’ll be all set to scrabble your way up and around a series of cavernous gorges. The going here is rough, with craggy and slippy rocks to navigate. And that’s even before you factor in gushes of cold spring water that come at you from all angles. But fear not; your  fellow travellers are there with a helping hand if needed, and with every tricky climb, you’ll feel more and more confident. Plus, you can glide down natural slides and jump into hidden pools along the way. Scary? A little bit. Exhilarating? Hell, yeah.

Slovenia calling

Hop aboard a jet ski safari, Thailand

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Zipping around a beach on a jet ski is one thing. But a jet ski “safari” takes the experience to a whole new level. And Phuket, Thailand’s idyllic Andaman Sea island, is the place to do it. Soak in the sweet taste of freedom as you scoot between limestone karsts off the Phuket coast, searching for secret coves and beautiful beaches. The world below you is an adventure all to itself: the water here is so clear, you’ll spot anything from giant morays and seahorses to colourful clownfish beneath you (not to mention the spectacular coral). Add in mysterious beachside nooks, and this gorgeous coastal landscape is the ultimate playground for you and your jet ski to let loose in.

Let Thailand tempt you in

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