Want to get fit in your 40s? Try a workout that’s actually *fun*

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If you’re one of those people who’ve spent their 20s and 30s glued to the sofa – good news. It’s never too late to get fit. Researchers have found that getting fit in your 40s is as beneficial as starting early, with just as much positive effect when it comes to prolonging your life. 

Better still, you don’t have to take on a marathon in order to achieve life-enhancing fitness. According to two recent papers published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, just 10 minutes of “moderate to vigorous” exercise per day is enough to boost your wellbeing. 

Meanwhile “the sweet spot” for step count is anything between 7,000 and 10,000 steps per day. As a 40-something, if you’re breaking a sweat up to four and a half hours a week, you’re well on track for expanding your life span. 

So, it only takes a bit more exercise per day to get in shape in your 40s; and you can kickstart the habit in style. Flash Pack’s worldwide adventures are specially designed for solo travellers in their 30s and 40s; and our itineraries are brimming with activities to up your fitness the fun way. 

From Croatian waterfall rafting to zip-lining in South Africa and more, keep scrolling for inspo on how to get that body moving – all while living your best life.

Get rafting in Croatia

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Kayaking is a great upper body workout, with the combined movement of the abs, biceps and forearms burning up to 400 calories an hour. The beautiful and remote Mrežnica river in Croatia is an ideal setting for a little cardio, too: you’ll barely notice the sweat. Raft or kayak your way downstream in this glorious corner of the world, navigating over waterfalls, and wild swimming or jumping from rocks as you go. The ultimate wilderness hit.

Explore the rafting wilds of Croatia

Dance salsa in Colombia

Did you know salsa dancing burns up to 143 calories from just 30 minutes spent swinging those hips? The Caribbean city of Cartagena is *the* place to learn, as you hop from one downtown bar to another, soaking in the atmosphere amid a Colombian rum or two en-route. Every workout deserves a reward, after all.

Party like a salsa pro in Colombia

Hike a glacier in Iceland

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The majesty of the great outdoors is yours for the taking, as you make your way across Sólheimajökull Glacier – channeling your Viking within. One of Iceland’s most thrilling adventures is led by an experienced guide, so you’ll be in safe hands as you navigate the crevasses and ice formations of this spectacular natural wonder. It’s physically exerting, and soup for the soul. Plus, you can soothe those muscles after in a nearby geothermal hot tub.

Hop aboard for glaciers in Iceland

Zip-line through the gorges of South Africa

It turns out you actually do a lot of physical work while zip-lining; all that adrenaline gets the heart pumping, which is great for metabolism. You’ll be moving your body in rhythm with the ride, too. Graskop Gorge, on South Africa’s stunning Panorama Route, is an inviting venue for it: a true beauty spot with bird’s eye views across the surrounding forest, waterfalls and hanging bridges. The route is 120 metres long and you’ll get to repeat it, which means a whole load of thrills with your workout.

Zip-line the gorges of South Africa

Trek to the foot of Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina

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From improved blood pressure to a stronger core, hiking comes with so many health benefits, we could write a lifetime movie on them. And the hills of Patagonia, with its mirror-still lakes and lush green valleys, will get those legs working like an ace. Get swept up in the scenery of a nine-hour trek to the foot of Mount Fitz Roy in Argentina’s dramatic El Chaltén region. Those wide sky views and glacial peaks beat a session at the gym anyday.

Hike the hills of Patagonia, Argentina

Sea-swim in the Philippines 

Swimming is not only a great all-body workout, it also has a meditative rhythm to it. So you can get your zen on while working out, for an exercise that both soothes and stimulates. Swimming in the sea adds a few extra advantages; your body will work harder amid the waves, with benefits including lowered fatigue and a better immune response. The Bacuit Archipelago is one of the finest spots on the planet to get your sea swimming fix, with a private island of your own to frolic on. Think warm, turquoise waters and powdery white sands.

Beach hop the islands of the Philippines

Cycle the Sacred Valley in Peru

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One of the silver linings of the pandemic is that it sparked a huge uptick in cycling, as many of us took advantage of quieter cities to get out and about on our bikes. The adventure continues in the Sacred Valleys of Peru: an epic location for a mountain bike ride, amid ancient Inca ruins. Pedal to your heart’s content as you turn back time amid awesome treasures from the great Inca empire, including the archaeological site of Moray, and Pichingoto, a collection of tiny stone houses forged into the cliff face. Bike lanes – what bike lanes?

Come Inca cycling in Peru

Canyon through the valleys of Jordan

Jordan’s Wadi Mujib is another ancient landscape that doubles up as an impromptu outdoor gym. This desert canyon is pure Indiana Jones territory, with rugged cliffs and towering sandstone ravines. Canyoning here is a rush that’s hard to beat. You and your fellow travellers will haul each other over giant boulders and down natural rock slides in a fast-moving stream, leaping through waterfall pools as you go. It’s exhausting and exhilarating in equal part: just what a great workout should be. 

Canyon the Wadi Mujib of Jordan

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